Making a Character

Permitted Concepts

This game has a storyteller and a metaplot, so we can't really allow every possible kind of character permitted in the vast array of books we use, across the spheres we allow. So we've split up the possible concepts into three groups.

Open concepts are just that: open to all players at all times. Players new and old may choose to make one freely, up to the alt limit.

Rare concepts are meant to be unusual on the game. To further that goal, every player will be allowed exactly one rare character. This is across all spheres combined, not one per sphere. Additionally, new players will be asked not to make rare characters as their first characters.

Restricted concepts will generally not appear in the game as Player Characters. Pre-approval from staff is required before attempting to make one, and that approval will probably be denied. No matter how amazing your idea is, if it's on the restricted list we probably have no room for it in the game.

Alt Limit

There's no firm alt limit. Make characters you'll have time to play without getting confused with your other characters. Make characters you'll enjoy playing without dropping them and making new ones right away.