Magic City MUSH 2000

Welcome to Miami.

Magic City MUSH is an online, text-based, multi-player role playing game using the World of Darkness 20th Anniversary edition rule sets. The game is set in present-day Miami, Florida, also known as the Gateway to the Americas, and the Magic City.

The game is built on the open source RhostMUSH engine, by Ashen-Shugar, Ambrosia, et al. with code from many people.

Settled in 1825 and named for the Mayaimi tribe that lived around Lake Okeechobee, Miami is the fourth most populous urban area in America with a population of over five million. The greater metropolitan area adds another half million people.

Major industries include import/export, biotechnology, tourism, and mass media. Miami, not Los Angeles, is the nation's capital for Spanish-language media!

World of Darkness

As we are using the World of Darkness 20th Anniversary rules, the number of player character times is restricted. We will be supporting Vampire: The Masquerade (Camarilla and Independent), Werewolf: The Apocalypse (including Changing Breeds and Kinfolk), and Mage: the Ascension (including Traditions and Technocracy). As new rule sets are released, including Changeling: The Dreaming, we will figure out how to incorporate them into the game!

We value the players

Some MUSHes are founded as sandboxes for their owners, and a small clique of players. Outsiders are brought in as props for the stars to use to further their own role play. Magic City MUSH absolutely will not run in that way.

You, as the player, are a human being. You are not just a blip on the Internet. We believe behind your character and ours are real people. Those real people should be treated appropriately, even if the characters get in trouble. You, we, all of us deserve to be treated with a basic amount of honesty. "Oh it's just the Internet, not real life" does not cut it here.


The goals of Magic City MUSH start with creating a community of people trying to enjoy a fun and interactive hobby, making connections and having a constructive, enjoyable experience for all of us.

Like most MUSHes, the game will have an open grid that Player Characters will be able to enter at any time, meeting with other PCs and generating continuous, spontaneous role play. However this game will also have active, ongoing storytelling.

While player-directed games have value, and we're glad they exist, the goal of this game is to supply the player base with an ongoing meta plot to react to, grapple with, and attempt to resolve. This hopefully will help generate role play, reasons to go out and do things, and create a shared game community, instead of evolving the player base into a collection of cliques.

This game will have a storyteller, but that doesn't mean your role play has to be adjudicated by the storyteller at all times, nor does it mean you can't play if your schedule doesn't match when the storyteller is around. The meta plot will be a bonus, and further, the use of the Jobs System will ensure all players, regardless of schedule, can take part and interact with that meta plot.